About Storm

Storm and her retired cart-horse, Eddie

Hi there, it’s nice to meet you!

My mom taught me how to cross-stitch about 30 years ago; it’s always been one of my favourite pastimes. But blackwork embroidery captured my imagination. I love the intricate, lacy patterns that are created with a very simple stitch.

Welcome to my blackwork adventure where I discover, create and share beautiful embroidery patterns. Some will be my own designs, but there are many gorgeous patterns by talented designers and I’ll share those too. Blackwork is a centuries-old form of embroidery going back to Elizabethan times, when clothing was decorated in delicate hand-stitched blackwork patterns. These designs were commonly stitched with black silk threads, and so were called ‘blackwork.’

My designs grow from quick sketches on whatever paper is at hand, are transformed onto graph paper, and then drawn in design software. Then the stitching, frogging, re-graphing, re-stitching process begins. And continues until the design is complete – when it makes my heart happy!

One of my first blackwork designs was a butterfly box. My inspiration comes from all around me. I live on a farm in northern British Columbia, a spot of peaceful quiet, offset by the chaos of the critters that help occupy our space – dogs, horses and cows mostly. But when I have a moment, you’ll find me designing and stitching blackwork – usually with a Lab and a Corgi or three, curled up nearby.

Pop in for a visit, and see what I’m up to!