Biscornu Assembly Tutorial

Biscornu are cute and fun, and have so many uses: ornament, scissor fob, key fob, pin cushion.

Here’s how to put one of these eight-sided little pillows together.

Start with two stitched squares of equal size, trim 1/4 to 1/2 inch from all edges

You’ll also need:


Needle, (size 28 recommended)

Ribbon or twisted up floss for a hanger

2 small beads

Stuffing – I’m using fibre fill, and I’ve cut it into strips to make stuffing easier.

Fold the fabric under at the outside stitched border, and crease it a bit.

Thread the needle by folding one piece of thread in half, and threading the needle with both ends together. This leaves a loop of thread at the other end.

Insert the needle from the backside of one of the squares, come up through the fabric and back down again, go through the loop and pull snug – this way you don’t have to tie a knot.

Place the center of one square at the corner of the other square and begin stitching them together by stitching under the threads of the outside border, but not through the fabric. Continue whip stitching all around the borders

Stitching the squares off-center to one another creates eight corners, resulting in  a quirky! 



After you’ve stitched around a couple of corners, tuck the hanger in and keep sewing. (Unless you’re making a pin cushion, then skip this step)

Stop when you have one side of the square left to stitch, and fill the Biscornu with stuffing. I use my scissors to push the stuffing into the corners.

Finish sewing up the opening, tie off the thread.

Add a bead to the center on each side of the biscornu, sewing from one bead to the other through the middle of the biscornu. Squish the ornament together in the middle with your fingers, pulling the thread snug so that the middle of the biscornu gets a dimple. 

After 2 or 3 passes from one side to the other, tie off the thread and voila! Your quirky petite biscornu is assembled.

I couldn’t stop at one – I made a dozen! 🤣 Blog post and pictures here.