Castles, Coos and Kirkyards (and squirrels)

Nessie is stitched up, tassel on! I found this cute little cross stitch kit while shopping in the old tartan-weaving-mill-turned-gift-shop that is on the Royal Mile below Edinburgh castle.

I promised in my last post to share some photos from my trip to Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle

I asked to see castles and we saw many! (there’s never too many castles though) Edinburgh Castle was my favorite.

Below the castle in Greyfriars Kirkyard, squirrels scampered up trees and across gravestones. This one appeared to be levitating!

I loved the quirky little building that was the Queen’s bathhouse.
We walked in many picturesque little villages – this one is Loch Lomond
We went on whiskey tasting tours: Edradour Distillery, Pitlochry
The Culross Palace Gardens were amazing, even in the fall. I’d love to go back when they are in full bloom.
I finally saw some wee Hieland Coos in person! They are so much cuter than Canadian cows ūüėČ
The Holyrood Abbey – awe inspiring.
I discovered that I was not at all fit when we hiked up to the Wallace Monument.
Fabulous views while I caught my breath! I loved every minute of my visit to Scotland, and can’t wait to go back.



Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

It’s true! I’ve been having so much fun, and the time has just flown by – I cannot believe that my last post was four months ago. Well, settle in with a cuppa your favorite beverage, I’ve some things to share! Most important is a belated thank you for a wonderful gift in the post…

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Fall Finishes

In the early hours of a fall morning as the rising sun lit the tree-tops, a rainbow arched across the sky and I was lucky enough to be outside at the time to witness the beauty. Nature is the world’s best artist. As well as admiring the views on the farm, I’ve succeeded in finishing…

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Crafty Catch-Up

Let’s have a crafty catch-up, shall we? I’m keeping up with the blackwork stitch-along, (sometimes just barely!) hostessed by Brodeuse Bressane. We’ve just completed Part 5, but when last I shared progress I had just finished Part 1 – so here’s the parts you’ve missed:   I turned these fabric pieces into a beautiful placemat…

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On the Farm and In Stitches

It’s been pretty exciting on the farm – we brought home a friend for my horse to chum around with. Cloudy established himself as the boss of Eddy right away, but Eddy is so happy to have a horsey-friend again that he really doesn’t seem to mind. Cloudy is beautiful, friendly, and has super ground…

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A Crimson Rosella and Haskap Berries

My free time has been taken up by haskap berries and a Crimson Rosella. What have they to do with one another? Well, not a darn thing in the real world – haskaps grow in Canada, and a Crimson Rosella is an Australian bird so they are a world apart, geographically. But meanwhile on the…

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Life on the Farm

The¬†place that I¬†live on is so very beautiful and peaceful; these are¬†some of my favorite things about life on the farm: Some of the buildings date back to about 1911, when the land was first homesteaded. The winters can be cold, but so beautiful too. There¬†is acres to walk the dogs on, and they are…

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Mug Rug Tutorial

When I created my blackwork mugs design, I envisioned them finished up as mug rugs. Practical and pretty! These are the steps I took to create the mug rugs: First, I trimmed my stitched designs to 3 inches wide by 3.25 inches long (having stitched the designs on 18 count Aida). I chose two fabrics…

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