Celtic Horses Blackwork

A friend of mine calls horses “four-legged free-loaders”. Yes, probably, but we love them anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

My horse, Eddy is a retired cart horse who lazes in the pasture and takes me for a leisurely trail ride occasionally. When he canters, he breaks into a cart-horse gaitย which is notย smooth and notย comfortable. He’s the perfect horse for me; I’d rather amble along at a walk enjoying the scenery.

horse n wagon
Eddy and the old wagon

My cousin asked me for an ornament representingย the Inverurie Horses of Scotland, ย the three horse goddessesย of Celtic mythology: Epona (Gaulish), Macha (Irish), and Rhiannon (Welsh). Well, Epona is goddess of not just horses, but asses and mules too, as you can read on Morning Bray Farm’s post.ย There you will also see a very pretty image depicting the Inverurie Horses.

I was excited to work on this design, because it involved two of my favorite things. I love horses and, as there is a wee bit of Scottish ancestry in our family, I love all things Celtic too. Three horses are surrounded by Celtic knotwork and finished as a three-sided ornament, or if you like, as a bookmark.

celtic horses
Celtic Horses ornament
Celtic Horse Bookmark
Celtic Horse Bookmark

ย Happy stitching ๐Ÿ™‚

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