Wrapping a Willow Frame

We’ve oodles of willows down by the creek and I thought I’d give a try to making a willow frame for one of my blackwork pieces. So on a warm sunny winter day off we trekked, the dogs and I, to gather willows.

gathering willows

Once the willows had warmed up to room temperature and were bendy again, the Corgi’s helped me wrap willows to make a roundish-shaped frame.

taz & Finn help make a willow frame

wrapping willows with Whiskey.jpg

They chewed twigs, and supervised and generally wore themselves out.

worn out corgi helpers

I had in mind to lace the stitched piece onto the frame and wanted a border of fabric to attach the lacing thread to. I started with an octagon shape, and sewed strips of pretty green fabric onto each side.

sewing border on castle

I ended up with a not-octagon-shape. Hmmm. Well, I will do better next time!

bordered castle

I laced the blackwork to the willow frame…

backing the castle.jpg

and voila! A pretty country-style frame for my blackwork castle (find the pattern here.)

willow framed castle.jpg

There’s still oodles of willows, so I will definitely be refining the procedure and making more willow frames 🙂




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