A Zenful Zentangle Quilted Pouch

My Blackwork Zentangle was patiently waiting to be finished into Something Useful. I have a box of stitched items, also waiting patiently and I didn’t want to add the Zentangle to that stash!

A pouch for my tablet would be most handy, especially when travelling. While strolling through the airport waiting for boarding to start, I’ve juggled my tablet, purse, carry-on, and a coffee, trying to not drop the important stuff – tablet and coffee.

So, project decided and I started to cut fabric into strips and squares and sew them together – the start of  making the zentangle into Something Useful.




I used a piece of an old sheet for the back. The quilting is stitch-in-the-ditch, which is one of the easiest quilting patterns to sew…  but I wobbled out of the ditch several times.


And with only a few hours cutting, ironing and sewing, I now have a handy pouch for my tablet, and the zentangle did not get tossed in a box.

I have since sewed together some strips and attached a strap to the pouch – now for sure there’s a free hand for my coffee! 🙂



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