Brickwork Blackwork Window

I’ve stitched the second window in the collection from Seba Designs that I started for my New Year’s embroidery project.  This lovely window features cute wrought iron planters which were fun to stitch.

window 2 framed

As I stitched the brickwork around the window, I was reminded of a brick house I lived in many years ago. The house was built sometime in the late 1800’s, and though it had a lot of character, it was drafty and cold. It had been modernized with indoor plumbing, but there wasn’t any central heating. You could place your palm on the kitchen wall and push, and the entire brick wall would move because there was a crack through the mortar that ran from the top of the wall to the bottom. The best thing about the house was a gorgeous row of lilac trees all along the back fence; in the spring the air would fill with their sweet scent, and then I wouldn’t mind so much that the walls weren’t exactly solid.

One more window to stitch in this collection; I’ll be starting it soon. 🙂

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