Freedom SAL II

We added colour to our fabric in Seba Design’s stitch-along, Freedom. We stitched all of the small squares this week, 31 cute little designs in blackwork with some cross-stitch and specialty stitches to add texture.

Stitching on aida cloth instead of even-weave was very challenging for a few of the squares, but not completely impossible.

I did change floss colours, but not to the silks, as they didn’t come in the mail before I started stitching. Claire is stitching Friendship Quilt V in another stitch-along, and I really like the orange and purple combination in her quilt blocks, it’s very pretty. So I started with purple and orange, and added gold and variegated pink and green.

I didn’t follow a plan when deciding which pattern to use, where and what colour. I started with one colour, and then randomly chose a box to fill and pattern to fill it with, though I did make sure that I wasn’t stitching the same colour in adjacent boxes.

It’s fun to stitch, I really like this design! I’m looking forward to next week’s patterns. I wonder if we get the little rectangles next?

Freedom SAL Small squares
Freedom SAL Small squares

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