Life on the Farm

The place that I live on is so very beautiful and peaceful; these are some of my favorite things about life on the farm:

Sunlight through the poplar trees

Some of the buildings date back to about 1911, when the land was first homesteaded.

Settler’s buildings overlooking a hay field.

The winters can be cold, but so beautiful too.

Frosty trees

There is acres to walk the dogs on, and they are always off-leash.

Walking the dogs on a sunny winter day

There’s a huge patch of wild strawberries that we love to visit. The berries are small, but super-sweet.

Foraging for wild strawberries

The horses have big pastures to graze and run in. There’s nothing so beautiful as a running horse.

Eddy running in the field

Sometimes the neighbours have a meet and greet in the field.

Deer and sandhill crane meeting.

Hidden in the woods is an old wagon… it’s truly a magical place, and I feel so lucky to live here 🙂

horse n wagon
Eddy and the old wagon

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  • This is a beautiful life. I’ll have the lovely images of your farm while I work on my new black work project. Thank you for sharing.