On the Farm and In Stitches

It’s been pretty exciting on the farm – we brought home a friend for my horse to chum around with. Cloudy established himself as the boss of Eddy right away, but Eddy is so happy to have a horsey-friend again that he really doesn’t seem to mind. Cloudy is beautiful, friendly, and has super ground manners. He seemed a dream – but then he bucked off his rider. So off to the trainer he went, because we didn’t want to give up on him. After a few weeks of training, he came home and we rode him a couple of times, and he was great – he went willingly and didn’t buck or act up at all. A week passed, and we saddled up again… this time, not so great. Cloudy pinned back his ears, and tried to buck my husband off. Hubby got Cloudy’s nose to his knee though and stuck in the saddle. I then spent the afternoon lunging a very irate, manner-less horse, not giving up until he started to go willingly again. We haven’t quite decided what to do with Cloudy. Sadly, he will probably be sold to someone who has the experience to spend a lot of time working with him, and we will continue to search for another buddy for Eddy.

Eddy and Cloudy











It’s not been all about horses though – I’ve also spent some time in stitches: cross stitches, blackwork stitches, and sewing stitches!  There was some fabric leftover after I  made mug rugs a while ago, and it’s fabric that I really love. So I’ve decided to sew up some place mats – I’ve cut  some squares, strips and triangles. When you next see these, they’ll be sewn together in some mad fashion or another which will hopefully resemble placemats!

Brodeuse Bressane has a new free SAL (stitch-along) that’s just started – a beautiful blackwork design. We’ve completed Part One, and the pictures of everyone’s work are posted on Brodeuse Bressane’s Blogspot – there’s a link there too, if you’d like to join the SAL, or you can join the facebook group. If you’ve been wanting to give blackwork a try, this is a wonderful opportunity.  Tomorrow, Part Two will be released.  My version of the design is stitched with a variegated floss by Fiberlicious Yummy Fibers, called Camelia. I’m planning to finish the stitched pieces into a table runner, so I’ve stitched the design three times.

I’ve been ever-so-slowly stitching away on a couple of cross-stitch projects – Pretty Little Sydney and a Wee Hieland Coos bookmark. With the distractions of the place mats, the SAL, and not to mention horses, I’ve not put many stitches into these projects recently, but every stitch placed is progress! Eventually, I can’t say when, they will be completed.

Pretty Little Sydney
Wee Hieland Coos














All righty then, I’m off for more stitching and horsin’ around!

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