Welcome – Kia Ora

Aren’t these gingham Kiwi adorable!?  My latest stitching finish, the pattern is designed by Jenny of Home-Stitch-Ness.


I love her designs, and this one brings back memories of our visit to New Zealand a couple of years ago.

When I think of New Zealand I think of bubbling mud and steam vents that give the feeling that you are travelling atop an active volcano. I think of tropical vegetation, and steep green hills dotted with cows and sheep.  I think of tidy front yards, with an orange tree, a lemon tree and … a grazing cow. I think of a narrow, winding, sea-side road with huge mirrors on the corners, and telephone poles planted out in the tide. I think of yummy pumpkin soup, and the scarcity of brewed coffee.

These little Kiwi birds bring those memories and more.

The raspberry-gingham Kiwi is  now in the entrance-way, warmly welcoming guests – Kia Ora!

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